Richard Brian (singer-songwriter)

writes, "Jonas, I've been listening to the files you sent and I'm disappointed... disappointed that I can't make it sound like you did. The definition on the cymbals is especially noticeable and especially the ring decay! It really does sound fantastic and translates everywhere........I'm seriously amazed!"

Peter Day (guitarist, composer)

writes, "Jonas took my production of "It's The Weather" from something that sounded more like a demo to a mastered product ready for radio. He's a talented audio technician, but he's also great to work with. Jonas understands the importance of listening to the client as well as the song."

Jerry Strull (composer, guitarist)

writes, "This was my first occasion to work with Jonas. I honestly feel quite fortunate to have linked up with him. I'm quite happy with the results of my recording and I attribute a big part of that to Jonas's abilities in the studio. The very best thing about Jonas is his ears. It's obvious that he has a very clear goal in mind as to what something is supposed to sound like. (Not what the dials say it's "supposed" to sound like). He's just very discriminating about sound. He has a huge variety of technology available AND KNOWS HOW TO USE IT to acquire the sound he's looking for. What he loves to do more than anything else is to "fix" the sound on someone else's less-than-satisfactory "finished" recording. As a recording engineer, he hears what's going on with the music better than most musicians do. For some reason, he's just more obsessed with the production of recorded music than anything else! Still, he did play some nice keyboard tracks for me and contributed some critical arrangement ideas, as well. One last important thing for me was how Jonas's studio was "adaptable" to the way I wanted to work. In short, I heartily recommend Jonas's services to anyone.
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